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Unique Wedding Reception Ideas

Ok! So this is a little different for us! Instead of tips and methods, we are going to dream with you today! We always talk about making your wedding/reception all about YOU, but the fact is that most of us still use ideas that we see at other weddings/receptions. Now this is great, but how many of us actually step out on our own and make our weddings/receptions unique? Soooooo…today we are going to talk about some unique ways to celebrate that are not seen in typical receptions. When you get done looking through these ideas, let us know which ones you think are a good idea. Then, share one of your unique ideas with us! It will be fun AND we might just share your idea with our Rustic Rose Barn audience!

Here we go!

1. Wedding Bouncy House- Now, we are not talkng about a bouncy house for the kids, we are talking about a bouncy house for EVERYONE (the guests, wedding party, BRIDE and GROOM)

2. Outdoor movie night- After the ceremony, dinner, 1st dance, etc, the guests get comfy on blankets, help themselves to popcorn/treats, and watch an outdoor movie on the lawn.

3. A night on the town- Bride and Groom take pics, do all of the monumental traditions (cake cutting, toasts, 1st dance, etc), and head to the downtown district to finish out their special night. The Bride, groom, and close friends/family choose a spot or spots to dance the night away with each guest being responsible for for what they choose to eat, drink, or pay for at that point. This is a fun way of ending the evening and a great budget friendly alternative.

4. Game night- We all love a good game! Whether it be cards, lawn games, board games, or even video games, these can be incorporated into your reception. Is there another time that you can create a bracket with all of your closest friends and family? This just could be a fun loving rivalry at its best!

5. Caricatures- We all love a great photo booth, but what about having an artist come to do caricatures of your guests? This would be especially fun for all of those artsy couples out there! Guests would have a “party favor” and a great memory of your wedding day! Plus, what couple has a caricature as one of their wedding pics???

Now it’s time to vote (we’d like to know). Which one of these unique ideas would you use for your wedding? 1. 2, 3, 4, &/or 5

What is your idea of a unique way to celebrate your wedding/reception?

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