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Alexis and Matthew

 "The venue is incredibly beautiful. It has a very rustic, private feel, where you can having your wedding and reception. To say the service at Rustic Rose Barn was amazing would be an understatement. Stephanie and Bruce were outstanding. Stephanie helped with our wedding from beginning to end. She was very sweet and did whatever she could to make sure we had everything we needed. We even had to change our wedding date unexpectedly from a Sunday to a Saturday and she worked with us to make the day switch with a flawless change. Our actual wedding day  had been during our very rainy season and my husband actually got his car stuck, because of flooding, about 50 minutes before our wedding began. Bruce saved the day by picking him up and towing his car out of the ditch. He even washed his car for him. We were so impressed and would highly recommend this location for a wedding or large get together. Our families still talk about how much they loved our wedding. We couldn’t have been happier! Thank you Stephanie and Bruce!"

Kambri & Reed

"Rustic Rose Barn was a great experience, because of how accommodating and helpful they were with any problems that came up during the wedding planning process. In addition to being an amazing wedding venue owner, Stephanie also doubled as a wedding coordinator. She helped me coordinate vendors and figure out how I wanted to decorate the tables at my wedding, and was just all around an amazing help. We were so thankful to get married at Rustic Rose Barn and start our lives together!"

Teryn & Clayton

"Stephanie and Bruce worked so hard and I cannot thank them enough for making the day a dream come true. As a bride being stressed about location and how many tables and how many people you can fit and all the things that you go through...Stephanie and Bruce knew the answer and they did everything they could to make it as easy and stress free on me. Stephanie checked in every month. I could go up any time I wanted. So many things were included that really made the Rustic Rose Barn and affordable choice for my fiancé and I (fiance at the time). I just loved how willing they were to answer any questions that we had. They shared every bit or advice, every bit of encouragement that they had. On the wedding day, I was impressed with the seamlessness of the day, from the schedule, to everyone arriving, to everything being set up. I didn't have to do anything..." (Listen for more!)

Jeremy & Rachel

"It was incredible the difference of service and care you guys give. We appreciate you!

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