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Wedding Planning Essentials

One of the hardest parts to planning is getting started. Just remember, take your planning one step at a time. If you try to tackle everything at once, it gets stressful really fast. Next. make sure to ask for help when needed. Rustic Rose Barn has coordinating and professional support throughout your whole planning experience. Yes, we do have some all-inclusive packages, but even those with basic packages can be assured that we are just one phone call away. We offer advice about budget, questions to ask your vendors, design, wedding planning in general, and vendor relations.

Here are some things to start with as you begin your wedding planning journey:

  1. Make a separate wedding planning email. This will keep you organised and allow you to quickly find information, conversations, and contacts all in one place, without being infiltrated by spam, work related emails, and advertisements.

  2. Make a wedding website. This seems like an enormous task, but it really isn't. Sites like The Knot, Weddingwire, and Zola off free wedding websites and actually walk you through each step.

  3. Get an approximate guest count so that you can start to set a budget and realistically plan for venue space, vendor needs, and logistics of your wedding day.

  4. Book your venue early. Venues often fill up quickly (up to 1 1/2- 2 years in advance). This is especially true of Saturdays.

  5. Dresses often have to be ordered, fitted, and tailored. All 8-12 months for this process to unfold. You may even have to have adjustments made a couple of more time toward the end of the course.

  6. Make sure you book the vendors that are non-negotiable for you personally first. If you have a florist, photographer, baker, or any other vendor that you just have to have, get a deposit down for their services. Then, you don't run the risk of them not being available for your wedding date.

Of course there is quite a bit more that goes into planning, but these important tidbits will get you started in a very positive way!

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