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Unforgettable Details: The Head Table

Have you ever looked at someone’s wedding detail pics that “wow”ed you? Along with having a great photographer (in this case Kayla Wilmoth Photography), they most likely spent time making sure they had some well thought out areas that would be where many of the pictures would be taken. Let’s focus on one of those places right now…

The Head Table

Getting Started

  1. Make your table have depth and interest by using decorations of different heights, shapes, and sizes.

  2. Begin with the tallest decoration and make sure to repeat, or use elements that complement the other decor.

  3. Selecting a number of shades from your color palette to tie in your theme. These do not have to be exact colors, but should have the same hue.

Table Elements

Here are some examples:

  1. 24”- 48” high faux trees (can have hanging crystals and votive candles)

  2. 14” high floral centerpieces- The bride and bridesmaids bouquets work amazing for this!

  3. Small votive candles, random placement (these always create a romantic feel)

  4. Greenery and/or runners down the middle of the table always adds extra texture.

  5. Cut out name cards for the wedding party (or bride and groom).

  6. Unique and beautifully wrapped thank you gifts at each place setting

  7. For chairs, you can use chair covers, floral arrangements, or other decorations.

  8. Chargers to go under elegant dinnerware adds an exciting element to each seating area.

Things to Remember:

You have your own style. Do you.

  1. Focusing more on the head table, instead of every guest table, will make your make your “area” special and it will be a great photo op for lots of pics (wedding party, toasts, signing the marriage license, bride/groom, and more)

  2. This is an area we always recommend splurging on!

*This beautiful head table belonged to Mallory K.!

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