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Take A Break & Join Us on Sunday, October 15 for THE BLIND (Movie)!

Fall is here and it seams that everyone is SOOOOO Busy! School is back in session, summer vacations are over, holidays are nearing, and so much more! So what did we do? We decided to intentionally schedule a time to get away from it all, enjoy the company of others, watch an AMAZING movie, and EAT! This Sunday we have the honor of hosting the brand new movie about the life of the Robertson family (you know them from Duck Dynasty)! Of course when we get together, we always want to have good food options available! So, we called up our friends, Rockin' M Meats food truck. They roll up about 5:30 PM and have some great options available for dinner! After that THE BLIND will be starting at 7:00 PM ....AND WE CANNOT WAIT.

Anyhow...we'd love for you to join us! Old friends, new friends, friends we have yet to meet...COME ON OUT! Tickets are available if you simply pick up your phone and scan the QR code to purchase! Dinner is pay at the food truck for the items you choose. The friends and fun are free! Give us a call if you have any questions! (405)301-4337

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