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Planning Valentine's Day 2021!

Valentine's Day 2021- OH MY!

Life is still not completely back to normal. Restaurants are limited. Masks are part of the photo ops. can we make Valentine's Day memorable and special?

Here are some fun ideas for making it the best one yet:

  1. Plan a romantic picnic or candlelight dinner. Whether the weather allows for you to picnic outside or in (even in the living room floor), you can add candles, decor, a picnic basket, or even fancy dinnerware to create a romantic atmosphere.

  2. Make your own movie theater. No need to have a big screen. Get creative, if you have access to a projector, and pick your favorite backdrop (an outside wall, bedroom wall, garage, or even a sheet hung from a tree) and play a movie. How about the first movie you saw together?

  3. Get YouTube going and take a cooking class in your own kitchen. Cook a new recipe you've been wanting to try- TOGETHER!

  4. Speaking of YouTube, you could have an "in-house" dance lesson and dance the night away!

  5. Schedule a photo session with your favorite photographer. You can never have too many pics with your special someone!

  6. Make a date jar or bucket list. Spend the evening dreaming together or places you want to go and things you want to do. Write each idea down on a slip of paper and put them in a jar (to draw out randomly) or make a bucket list for checking off each date you complete.

  7. Book a station. If you are always meeting each other coming and going, book a stay at a local hotel. This will allow you a little alone time without being distracted by all of the things around you.

  8. Wear your pajamas all day and watch a movie marathon!

  9. Recreate your first date. If it was somewhere that may be crowded for Valentine's Day, make it a surprise and plan it for an earlier date.

  10. Go for a drive (maybe even without a plan). Get in the car and go. Drive to some beautiful places in the countryside or even to some fun new places in a nearby town or city.

Now there is no excuse! We got you started! Now go plan Valentine's Day! Even get a little crazy and combine some of the ideas, or add your own twist! You choose to make 2021 the the choices you make and the outlook you have! Vivre avec amour (live with love)!

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