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In this time of uncertainty, it is so important to consider perspective. The definition of perspective is a particular attitude toward, or way of regarding something (point of view). Admit it...before this Coronavirus quarantine, most of us longed to sit on the couch and watch Netflix. We just wanted time to spend with our family and get things done at home. We wanted the "busy"ness to GO AWAY! Well, now that we have that time (even though it is due to circumstances that are very unfortunate), we want life to be the way we left it. I know that part of that is due to this new way of life coming so unannounced and abruptly, but what can be done to change our attitude?

In most cases, the answer to that question is PERSPECTIVE. Check out this list of things that you can do (that you may not have had time to do before)

1. Spend quality and quantity time with your family

2 .FaceTime those friends and family that you never quite get to reach out to

3. Plan that dream wedding/Reception that is unique to you (Maybe even do a little DIY)

4. Spend time in prayer

5. Read

6. Clean (without time constraints)

7. Set new goals and develop a plan to reach them

8. Pick back up on hobbies that you never had time for- BE CREATIVE

9. Get some sunlight and fresh air

10. Fill your days with gratitude. Look around you and be thankful for all you DO have...not what you don't.

We'll all get through this! It is your choice whether you get through this better, or worse. Our thoughts and prayers are with each of you! Perspective. Perspective. Perspective (and gratitude).

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