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Our Mission at Rustic Rose Barn

Our mission at Rustic Rose Barn is to help make planning, prep, rehearsal, and wedding day stress free and memorable. We are willing and available to help even if it's just a short Zoom call to reassure our couples that they are on the right track. We go over all of your wedding day details to make sure that we have a clear direction...but at the same time we are flexible to the flow and needs of our couples on wedding day!

We make sure you are all set up for wedding day and have the option of simply coming in to get married without doing a thing at all. That's right YOU, YOUR FRIENDS, AND YOUR FAMILY should be able to relax and leave the wedding day hustle and bustle to us!

Wedding day is a special day that should be celebrated in all of your uniqueness. Therefore, we have coordinators awaiting to help you make decisions that will set your wedding day apart from any other. We specialize in western weddings, have mad skills in boho style, weave garden style weddings right into the beautiful outdoor scenery, and love being able to be creative to mix trendy and modern style right in with our pine barn backdrop. You can be assured that every guest will be comfortable in the temperature controlled venue. However, they also have the option to take a stroll waterside, sit next to the immense rock fireplace, or sit under the pavilion beneath the twinkle lights and chandelier.

Serving our Rustic Rose Barn couples, AKA "family", is what we do. We are not here to simply open the door, leave, and lock up at the end. We would not be in this business if we wanted to do that. Wedding day is far too important for that. Each couple that walks away in the evening is truly like part of our family. We love to watch their lives unfold from that day on. Little families are growing. Homes and jobs flourish. It is an amazing opportunity that we have, and we know that we are truly blessed to be at least a small part of it all.

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