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It's the Little Things

We have been thinking a lot about what makes some wedding days stand out more than others. Don’t get us wrong, we have loved every wedding. However, there are some that stand out. All weddings are a celebration of love, so little things that convey that love seem to make the day so memorable. Beautiful florals, fancy dresses, and big crowds make an impact, but there is some thing about personally penned vows or little notes that really make the day special. So, what are some of these little things that make such an impact?

Here’s a short list (but there are so many more):

  1. Personalized Vows

  2. Small Gifts for Wedding Party (Socks, Robes)

  3. Pictures on guest and special tables (Jordan did this perfectly!) She wore the dress that several other family members had worn...that was Grandma's and showed them all in pics next to one another)

  4. Wedding Favors for Guests (Flip Flops for Dancing, Blankets for Cool Weather)

  5. Song Request Cards for Guests (To Sit On Tables or Near Guest Book)

  6. Personalized Guest Book/Keepsake (Wooden Wall Art, Corn Hole Set)

  7. Shoes that Fit Your Style (colorful kicks, boots, ballet shoes)

  8. Bride and Groom Eating A Short Dinner Alone After Wedding

  9. Areas to Sit and Visit Apart from Tables (Outside, Sitting Area Inside)

  10. Traditions and Games (Shoe Game, Dances, Cornhole, Dollar Dance)

Make your wedding stand apart from all others by adding some small things that your family and friends will always remember! Happy Planning!

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