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About Us

Did you know that my favorite part of wedding day is help each couple "plan" toward achieving the wedding of their dreams...getting to know them...and all of the things that lead up to wedding day (Stephanie)? Bruce's favorite part is getting to know the couple, guests, and enjoying the interesting conversations he gets to have on wedding day! When we work toward wedding day, we often talk strictly about "wedding stuff". Well, we thought you might want to know a little about us.

Recently, Robert and Ciara, with Everything Photography, was kind enough to ask us for an interview for their new web-series "21 Questions: Getting to Know Oklahoma Wedding Vendors." Well, with all of our country awkwardness (and lots of laughs), here we are! You can watch us using the link below!

We hope you enjoy. If you're not one of our Rustic Rose couples...we hope you will be some day. If that's not an option, we hope to meet you one day at a wedding. Be sure to come up and say 'hey" and know that we are truly here to serve those around us!

Thank you Robert and Ciara, for taking the time to come visit! One day, we need to interview you two! You have such kind, sweet hearts, and you two are amazing to be around. Oh, did we mention that all of the couple sneed to run and check out your photography/videography website?

Everything Photography is such a great choice for capturing your forever memories in unique and beautiful ways!

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