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Wedding Trend Alert

Here's a trend that is beautiful going into the spring:

Using fruit as wedding decor accents!

This offers several advantages:

1. Natural Beauty: Fruits bring vibrant colors, textures, and shapes to the decor, adding a natural and organic touch to the wedding ambiance.

 2. Versatility: Fruits can be incorporated into various aspects of wedding decor, such as centerpieces, table settings, and even bouquets. They can be mixed and matched to suit different themes and styles.

3. Symbolism: Different fruits carry symbolic meanings that can add depth and significance to the wedding decor. For example, apples symbolize love and fertility, while oranges represent prosperity and good fortune.

4. Edible Decor: In addition to being visually appealing, fruits serve as a practical and edible option for decor. Guests can enjoy them during the event or take them home as favors, reducing waste.

5. Seasonal Appeal: Using seasonal fruits in wedding decor can enhance the theme and atmosphere of the event while showcasing locally sourced produce.

Incorporating fruits into wedding decor can create a unique, memorable, and eco-friendly celebration for couples and their guests.

Design by @foreverborrowed

Stationary: @chirpsadncheers

Photo by @tammylodell

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