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2021 Wedding Trends

We're just stepping out of engagement season in Oklahoma...and stepping into wedding season! This year already looks so promising! So as you plan, we thought you might want to know some of the trends we've been seeing!

  1. Jackets, jackets, and more jackets: They are just another way to add some more interesting photos! The bride and groom can both have versatile looks all during one day! Not only are denim jackets popular, but so are leather, fur, and crochet options! They also come in handy when wedding day is a bit cooler than comfortable for you!A

  2. Smaller guest Count: 2021 has also brought smaller, more intentional weddings. Oklahoma is so blessed to not have to limit their gatherings to 50 or even 10 guests, but we are still seeing the events size shrink a bit. Couples seem to be taking the opportunity to keep the guest list smaller. This allows for money to be spent in other areas, like florals, dj/music options, food, or even the honeymoon!

  3. Twinkle lights: While Rustic Rose Barn has twinkle lights at every turn, we are seeing them incorporated in photos, more on tables, and everywhere imaginable! These little details add so much charm and romance into everything!

  4. Living room decor and arrangements: It's so fun to add little seating areas both indoor and out. Your guests can hang out, visit, and enjoy cute little picture areas! These are even a fun area to include in outdoor spots, too!

  5. Mini wedding cakes: What? While the bride and groom may still be cutting their cake, mini wedding cakes are a hit! These are little wedding cakes that often match the one on the cake table or theme and are even used as guest table decor.

Trends are great, but make sure what ever you choose has value and appeal to you as a couple! There are so many ways to make the day special. Feel free to use these or wow us with the unique ideas that make the two of you stand out from the crowd!

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