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Busy, Busy, Busy

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Oh man! Life has been busy!! We love THE wedding month of the year (October), but November is a welcome sight! This brings us to our point. What is the biggest killer of creativity??? Busy-ness! We know, we do we fix that? We live in a busy society. So....let's brainstorm to see how we can still live our busy lives and take time to be our creative selves. The selves that are unique and free to express just who we are. This is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding...and beyond!

Here are some points to help get back to our creativity that expresses our "individual-ness":

* BE INTENTIONAL- This is #1, but it applies to all of the following points. We have to be intentional, or the chances will pass you by.

* FOLLOW THROUGH. It is not always the thought that counts, you have to follow through with your plans (intentionality) or again...the chance will pass you by.

Ok, now that we have the above points mentioned, let's GO!!!

1. Plan at least one night (or section out a time of day) a week to relax, meditate, talk and do thinks that fuel you and/or you as a couple. This could be grabbing a coffee and reading, discussing, being in the "quiet", enjoying nature, whatever... It's you!

2. Plan bigger getaways once a month or quarter. This gets you AWAY from your normal and things that compete with your attention. Boy does this help take away stress. Oh... be sure to put down that phone and/or computer!

3. Journal. Everyone is not the typical journaler. This doesn't mean that you need to log every day and give a critique. This just means have fun! Write down things that you love to do, or that you loved doing. Draw things that express you. Write down thing you want to accomplish. Write down your hopes and dreams for the future (for your wedding, your pictures, your honeymoon, your family, your career, etc). Everyone likes to talk about what excites them, WRITE IT DOWN/DRAW IT OUT.

4. Map out an action plan. If you have these hopes, dreams, goals, and expectations... How are you going to get there? You can't get there by simply having them, you have to make a plan. By the way, these things WILL change: both what you want AND how you get there. You can address change when you get to it, but make a plan of action and start moving toward your goal. Look at your plan daily and make sure you have done something daily to move closer to your dreams!

5. Be accountable. Share your goals and dreams with those around you who are cheerleaders. Report progress to them and confess when you haven't been keeping up! One great way to find those people, is to be a cheerleader for them, too! Don't waste your time answering to negative people! You can be around those that you love who are not as encouraging, but don't count on them for accountability. They can "burst your bubble" really fast.


"You don't have to see the whole staircase. Just take the first step." -Martin Luther King, Jr.

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