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Rustic Rose Living- "Nervous?"

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

"Being nervous isn't bad. It just means something important is about to happen" - Michale Jordan

Having nervous jitters about your wedding day is not a bad thing, but it is no fun when they get out of control! It's easy to common to have them and feel like you have no control. But the good news is...YOU DO! Here are some tips to help you overcome out of control anxiousness!

1. Dream Big...Then Prioritize- Make a dream board and list, cut, paste (whatever your style) things that you would like to have for your dream wedding. Next, choose the things (from that board) that are most important to you.

2. Budget- Set a budget. Try not to go beyond this unless you have a "safety net". It is nerve wracking to spend more than you have and to continue going down that slippery slope.

3. Don't Be a Lone Ranger- Make sure you have help during the whole process. Your groom, mom, sister, maid of honor, planner/coordinator, etc. are invaluable during the planning process. Whether you hire a planner/coordinator or it is a service of your venue...they can help tremendously with decisions, budget, preparation, and more! Side note- don't rely on mom, immediate family, or bridesmaids to carry out a lot of duties on your wedding day. You want them to be able to enjoy your day...and you want to be able to spend it with them.

4. Have a Timeline- This should be a fairly detailed itinerary for your wedding day (some even do one for the days leading up to the big day. Things won't go exactly to the minute, but it gives you a plan and an assurance that all of your important things will be carried out!

5. Communicate- Communicate, communicate, communicate...Did we mention communicate??? Make sure you touch base with all of your vendors throughout the planning process. At the beginning to secure, the middle to see what needs they have and express what needs, or changes, you have, and in the weeks prior to the wedding. The last conversations should include guest count, any changes in expectations/needs, delivery/set up time, and any other last minute details. When communication is good, so many issues that could have been a problem are resolved (whew!).

6. Relax and enjoy! Maske the planning process a memory in itself. Have fun expressing who you are as a couple. Take day trips for tastings, Pinterest away, go window shopping for ideas, watch YouTube videos, and use your creativity!

7. Give Grace- Realize that every little detail may not go as planned, but know that you are really one of the few people who know! Your guests are just happy to be there celebrating YOU! Know that when your little flower girls sits in the middle of the aisle to play with the flower petals...that will be something that makes your wedding more memorable! Embrace it and enjoy!

Now march forward with your head up enjoying every step of the way. Use those leftover nerves to see the importance of your big day and hop on over to Pinterest and follow Rustic Rose Barn's plethora of boards for great ideas!

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