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Make It Happen Monday: Your Floral Style

One HUGE way that you can express yourself on your big day is to choose a floral style that reflects you and your overall theme! There are a million different florals...and styles that you can choose from. So, instead of listing that million (oh brother!), let's generalize and make a list of some styles that can encompass many different categories:

1. Bohemian: non-traditional and free spirited

*This look is often bold, mismatched, untamed, and has warm hues. Bohemian color pallets often use colors like jade, ruby, cream, gold, and sky blue. Flowers are not fussy and are relaxed. Dahlias, sunflowers, thistles, and pods are among the carefree florals that create this look.

2. Classic: Traditional, formal, tried-and-true

*This look can contain modern elements, but are sprinkled with hints of the past. Roses, hydrangeas, and lillies are used with colors like gray, sage, ivory, and blush.

3. Contemporary/Glam: Glittery, opulent soiree with show stopping florals.

*Bold florals surrounded by gold, silver, crimson, fuchsia, indigo, black, and white. Roses, roses, and more roses!

4. Romantic: Intimate and dramatic

*Colors include: Cream, blush, rose gold, peach, pale blue, mint, dusty colors. Big headed blooms like peonies, garden roses, and garland are favorites to carry out this theme.

and finally

5. RUSTIC-------OUR FAVORITE: Rustic does not have to be "back woods" or "old news". Our favorite saying around here is "rustic elegance." Rustic can have a unique charm and be beautiful! Rustic is often outdoorsy with a natural feel, but can still be sophisticated.

*Rustic colors include plum, olive, rust, bronze, beige, and amber. The flowers are dictated by season; Dahlias, succulents, sunflowers, buttercups, and even wheat/grass spriggs are favorites!

You may be a mix of two styles- or even more, but this will give you a start on your floral planning adventures! Your florist will be glad that you have a direction and it will make your planning journey more enjoyable! Happy styling!

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