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Make It Happen Monday: Bring on the Budget!

Make it Happen Monday: Bring on the Budget

Budget is not most couples’ favorite subject when planning a wedding. However, if considered from the beginning, it will make the planning process and outcome much less stressful and predictable. Here are some tips for budget when planning your big day!

  1. Do not feel you have something to “live up to.” Your wedding is for YOU (you and your plus one). Don’t worry about what others have done, what they have spent, or others will think. This thinking is just a set up for a let down. In the end, the important thing was that your wedding portrayed your love and what you stand for as a couple. Period.

  2. Know the amount of money you have to work with. Find your final price and do not plan for the full amount. What???? Stay under your budget and allow for new expenses that may arise or for expenses that may cost more than originally planned. Who knows… you may have to reprint the invitations due to a time change or you may simply want to add more flowers to make your outdoor area look stunning. Allow room for that!

  3. In a perfect world, everything would be professionally by the best in the field! Sometimes you need to shop around and compare prices. Even though your first choice claims to be moderately priced, it n ever hurts to compare prices with at least several more vendors before making your final decision. After all, you may find a vendor who is more “you” than you thought your initial choice was!

  4. DIY is an option and could be fun! Now, we are not suggesting that you go DIY crazy if you are not at all a creative and the thought of “crafting” gives you nightmares. However, you can choose specific details like personalizing bubble containers for send off, making unique table numbers, personalized signs, chair bows, or even table decor. You know your gifts… and limits. Choose wisely!

  5. Ask for help! Many times a wedding planner, scheduled vendor, or even your venue can help give suggestions as to how you can save money. Use these resources and take advantage of the wonderful people in this industry!

In the end, don’t let budget be a stress that causes your planning or big day to be less than it should be. Know that the money spent will be well invested in a memory that will last a lifetime. Just make sure the money spent is well planned and thought out from the beginning.

Last thought- make sure you are budgeting as team with your “soon-to-be” and anyone helping finance your special

day. After all, these relationships are what this event is centered around!

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