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Make It Happen Monday

What makes your wedding scream YOU? We all have good intentions of being unique, but when it comes down to it, what are you doing to achieve that? I KNOW, I KNOW, it's easier said than done. Let's trouble shoot. Here are some things to do to get that unique wedding that everyone will be envious of! Grab you +1 and MAKE IT HAPPEN:

1. Ask yourself some questions:

*What do we want?

*What do we value

*What things make us feel? (joy, peace, future, reminiscent, drive, etc)

2. Make a list of favorite things (the ones that make you smile just thinking about them)

3. Create an inspiration board-

*Find magazines and pics of things that scream YOU.

*Include colors, flowers, themes, words

*Attach pics to your board

4. Look for themes, favorites, and things you want to includd at your event. You may want to include some details that describe you separately and you will definitely want to include things that shed light on who you are as a couple! These things can be shared in centerpieces, pics, decor, the cake, and even the ceremony itself. Don't be afraid to do something you've never seen before. This is what will make your day so memorable!

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