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I guess you've noticed...

Ok. So, I guess you've noticed that the blog has not been updated...well...for a long time (actually it has not been updated much at all). The only good excuse I have is- LIFE IS BUSY! Getting this barn ready has been time consuming and like a whirlwind! But, WE HAVE MADE IT! Our first two weddings were beautiful! When I say beautiful, I mean in every way! The families were amazing .The brides, grooms, DOGS, and friends were unforgettable and top notch! I cannot even begin to express how thankful I am for the Hudlows, Ramseys, and friends! The vendors were great (Hyped Visuals, Blue Label, Uptown Catering, Sound by Scott, Alyssa Ramsey Photo and Design, Amber, Tyler Manes Photo, Pulley Productions, Taylor Sivard, and more...please forgive me if I forgot anyone!) They were easy to work with (a big blessing as a matter-of-fact) and they included us as if we were family! Your families will forever be a part of our memories as our "firsts" and will always hold a special place in our hearts!

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