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Wedding Focal Points

We know that you want the best for wedding day. After all, we know that you have been buying up every bridal magazine, Pinteresting, visiting every wedding blog, and taking notes on all of the social media sites! But, do you need to break the bank to have a beautiful wedding and get gorgeous wedding photos? No way! It's all about being intentional about creating focal points. Here are some great places to focus on:

  1. Head Table: Whether you have a sweetheart table or a table(s) that hosts your whole wedding party, this is a place to splurge. Make this table the focal place of your reception area! Some great things to us (that you may not use on other guests tables):

*More Florals and/or greenery

*Special Table Linens

*Real plates, silverware, glasses, napkins, etc


*Personalized Place Settings


*Extra Special Details/Decorative Accessories

2. Cake Table:

*Decorative Cake Stand(s)

*Fancy Wine Glasses and Cake Cutting Set

*More Florals/Greenery

*Special Cake Topper

*Cake Florals

*Extra Special Details/Decorative Accessories

3. Guest Book/Gift Table:

*Photos of the Bride and Groom

*Unique Guest Book

*More Florals/Greenery

*Signs with love, or wedding, quotes

*Extra Special Details/Decorative Accessories

This is not an extensive list and definitely does not have to be the focal points you choose. The point is to pick certain spots to really "do up" for special photos and to wow your guests. This will help keep your memories even more memorable!

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